Happy Valentine’s Day…

Ba-humbug…  Yeah, you guessed it…I’m one of those people who just absolutely hates Valentine’s day.  BUT…that’s not what this post is going to be about today…  Today I’m just going talk a little about hearts, but not the cute ones cupid shoots arrows into, but the real beating ones that keep us alive day after day – pumping blood to our body & oxygen through our blood…

I’m finally getting caught up on my DVR shows & tonight watched a Barbara Walter’s special – “It’s a Matter of Life & Death”.  It’s about heart disease & open heart surgery that she, former President Bill Clinton, David Letterman, Robin Williams, Regis Philbin and Charlie Rose all had to endure due to blocked arteries. 

You wouldn’t know by the line up of celebrities she had on, but heart disease kills more women than men.  In a year, the hearts of more than 500,000 women stop beating due to heart disease – that is twice as many deaths than all cancers combined!

Another “fun fact” is that heart disease is the number ONE killer.  HALF of the people who die – die of heart disease!  HELLO?!  With facts like these – how is it that 80% of all heart disease is preventable?    Preventable how you ask?  Well, simple – DIET, EXERCISE & Medication.  That’s it.  Simple, right?  Then why are these stats so insane… 

I guess, what I’m trying to say is yes – we’re all losing weight because we all want to look cute in our little black dresses, but isn’t it more important to look at the big picture?  Sure, I want to look cute in that little black dress, but it’s more important to me to be wearing that dress to my Son’s wedding & not inside my casket.


About Lori

I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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