Extended weekend recap…


What a ROUGH weekend.  Fun filled with lots of activities, but my focus was all off.  I tracked probably….85%, which if anyone is on WW knows it’s 100% that really shows that loss. 

It all started with Thursday night – our “pizza night”.  Throw in a couple of frozen margaritas in the mix and bam…the night blew up.  Somehow we included garlic knots in our order, which to be honest I’m never a big fan of them, so it killed me to track them the next morning.  I blew through all my weekly points.  What a disappointment.  BLAH. 

Friday worked out to be a little better because I had a great day at the gym.  I rocked some interval training on the treadmill to help pick up my endurance on runs.  I felt like a rock star!  The high carried me through the rest of the day. 

Then came Saturday…I picked & picked all day.  I went to a birthday party – skipped the cupcakes, but did take a piece of pizza – that wasn’t figured into my day.  I did run up some activity points crawling in & out of tunnels with Natie & chasing him down…that was FUN!

I ended up finding what is now considered a piece of heaven in my mind….these marzipan filled dark chocolate bars – HELLO – where have you been all my life?  BUT…I’m slowly considering calling it hell because 1/3 of the damn thing is 5pp, which is too much because really I can’t stop at a 1/3 of the bar. (Just not yet anyway… 😦 ) 

Then came Sunday – a day with family – which included Italian sausage, meatballs, ziti, Italian bread, brownies, etc, etc.  Somehow that night ended in an eating binge where I beat myself up over the day’s event – aka food! 

I promised myself that Monday, despite having to work an event I was going to plan everything out.  I had a great breakfast – good start.  Then off to the event.  I knew I’d be working all day & wouldn’t have time to stop & get something to eat – as that’s happened in the past…or I end up eating when I get home late at night.  By that time I end up eating myself out of house & home.  So before heading to the event I went to Subway & got a Turkey loaded with veggies on wheat.  I got a foot long & asked her to wrap them separate so I could have half for lunch & then the other half for dinner.  Picked up some of those little apples & went on my way.  I was feeling great – back in control!  So proud of myself for just “moving on” and not beating myself up anymore.  Well, that lasted until about 8:30 when the goodies from the vendors started calling my name.  Did you know pound cake, cookies, chocolate & chocolate covered strawberries can say “Lori”….they say it really loud too – “LORI!!!!”  This of course then got me thinking why aren’t the vendors having healthy choices at their booths….most brides are trying to lose weight before their wedding.  Why are they serving these evil treats instead of some lighter, healthier options?  hmmmm…..    So I got home last night, split a heavenly cookie with Rich & then went to bed…thinking tomorrow I’m being good to myself….

As you can see it was a tough weekend – lots of battles within myself, but I’ve learned FINALLY that this is something I just need to work through.  I’m in this for good & am not going to throw in the towel after one LONG bad weekend.  It’s life & shit happens.  My only concern now is for next week.  I’ll be on vacation – thankfully not on an all you can eat cruise…but at my childhood home, which is possibly worse.  This is where the emotional eating comes into play.  Talk about a test next week will be.  Just the drive makes all these memories come flooding in.  Then being there I feel the incredible presence of my Mom, Dad, Brother & Grammie all come over me.  It’s heartwarming & stomach turning all in one.  My plan is to stay on track – ask Rich for help and try to get a run or walk in everyday so I can build the day off that high.  I’m hoping that my I’ll use the loving energy I feel from my family to remind me what I need to do for my “new” family – be healthy by eating better & moving more.


About Lori

I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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One Response to Extended weekend recap…

  1. Mary says:

    Lori, that is a beautiful way to think about it. Drawing on the loving memories of the family of your youth, as well as the loving support of the family of your adulthood to fuel your success. That is a great way to change your perspective as well as the emotional eating. Good for you, don’t beat yourself up! We all have days (or weekends) where we give in a little too much and over indulge. It happens. The important thing is that you acceot it and move on. Don’t get caught up in that cycle!! So proud of you!!!

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