Weekend recap!

I’m going to start Thursday night since my weekend’s start on Fridays!

So, I pick Natie up from daycare & right away they inform me of a spill he had.  He was using a teething ring to keep the swelling down on his gorgeous upper lip that had split open.  Ok, he’s fine.  He’s a boy – this is one of many falls he had & tumbles he’ll have.  Fast forward to Friday at his 18 month check up I ask the doctor to check out his lip – looks great.  He then proceeds to check all the new teeth breaking in…and then shares the bomb…  “his front tooth is chipped – a LOT”.  (That explains the painful nursing session Thursday night!)  I was upset – I keep trying to tell myself it’s his baby teeth, they’re going to be replaced, but still – my baby has a big ol’ gap in front of his perfect smile.  😦  I grew up with a slight gap in between my front teeth & was VERY self-conscious about it until my Mom took me to get bonding done at 16 years old.  I remember telling her that was the best $200 she ever spent – I could finally SMILE!  My plans this week are to get Natie into the dentist to see what we can do about it & when.  They may also need to shave it down because right now it’s a sharp point & God forbid there’s another spill he’ll go right through his lip…ouch!

Talking about teeth – he’s teething right now, which turns my sweet, adorable little boy into a MONSTER.  Damn those eye teeth!

My weekend breakfast, snack & lunch pretty much was the same on Friday & Saturday.  Breakfast was the great Thomas’s Pretz-a-bagel with two eggs scrambled & sliced tomatoes.  Lately I’m finding instead of assembling things like a sandwich I eat them seperate…takes me longer & I feel like I have more food.  (Mind games with myself :P)

For snack – still all about my PB2 chocolate.  I’ve been pairing 4Tbls with a banana.  Natie & I ate our snacks together & he preferred mine over his so he ate half of my bananas.  (Trust me – the PB2 may not look delicious in this picture, but I DARE you to try it & not like it!)

During lunch Rich & I were craving Tuna – perfect for our meat free Fridays.  So I turned mine into a melt – fabulous!  Added some Fuji apple slices & I was good to go!

Friday night for dinner we ordered Chinese.  I got egg drop soup (blech- can’t wait to bring back wonton soup!) and steamed broccoli with brown sauce.  I normally do the tofu & broccoli, but didn’t feel like tofu that night.

We had friends over on Saturday which was a GREAT time.  We have a group of friends that no matter what we do it’s a great time.  I always find myself with killer stomach pains when they leave because I’m hysterically laughing the entire time.  I made sure to count my Guinness & pizza – seconds & even thirds!  (blush).  I also made a chocolate raspberry cake that I not only enjoyed every crumb but counted too!

Then came Easter Sunday…  The in-laws invited us out to breakfast…

(The teething monster before the storm in the diner parking lot.  Is it just me or does he look like he’s plotting his next move…)

There was more teething hell, long story short – we got it wrapped up & ate it at home.

I did ok.  I opted for an omelet instead of the usual pancakes as I knew I didn’t have enough points for it.  The pancakes around here are the size of frisbees!  I also didn’t eat all of my delicious home fries & wheat toast.

Then came Easter dinner – I ate – and ate – and ate.  I also enjoyed my leftover piece of cake for dessert & some Breyer’s ice cream that my MIL brought over.  I told Rich to put it in the garage freezer so I wouldn’t hear it call my name tonight.  My MIL also brought over jelly beans & chocolate – I sent it back home with her.  She said she didn’t want it in her house because she’s been eating it all week & it’s not good for her borderline diabetes – I told her I don’t want it in mine either AND her Son is diabetic & I’m borderline diabetic.  Two people pushing candy away – 😛  Who are we?

I hope you all had a Happy Easter!


About Lori

I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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  1. Mary says:

    Those pictures are soooooooo cute!

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