Belated extended weekend recap…and a snack rave too!

Belated – no kidding!  Hey, better late than never, right?!

Ok, so I guess I should go back to last Thursday’s WI – UP 0.3.  Fine, I knew what I did & moved on…or did I?  Nope, the holiday weekend away seemed to have given me a license to throw my journaling skills to the wind because there was no counting points the entire weekend.  No clue why – I could write a slew of excuses I came up with, but to be honest – I just didn’t do it.  I still have to figure out how to stay on plan during “vacation”.  I seem to take vacations & turn them into a free for all.  I think that & my fear of water is why I will never go on a cruise – can you imagine me with a week of all you can eat buffets?

I headed upstate with my in-laws & Natie (Rich followed up after work).  I have to say the car ride up was fun.  Natie loves the Black Eyed Peas, so there is plenty BEP on car rides.  It’s what makes him happy – fist pumping & all.  I just so happen to have a lot of Black Eyed Peas in my current playlist, so we had that going for a while.  Towards the end of the playlist there is Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback – Oddly enough, Natie chimes in, on cue mind you, with the “yeah” part.  “I’m bringing sexy back” “yeah”….  Well, apparently my mother-in-law got into it too & the two of them were chiming in with their “yeahs” to Sexyback.  It was so funny I somehow managed to snap a picture of them while I was driving.  A video would have been better, but I was driving…. 😛 

Natie & Grandma - Bringing Sexyback - Yeah!

Soon Natie started to get cranky sleepy, so we switched over to Baby Einstein’s bedtime lullaby & he was out along with Grandma & Grandpa.  Again = comical!

Once we got up there we unloaded the car & headed out to lunch & grocery store.  Lunch was by the choice of Grandma & Grandpa since it was his birthday.  They chose Chinese Buffet – oy.  I think that just put my journaling not only out the window, but out of the country – China perhaps?  What made lunch great was squeezing in time to see my BFF, Stupid (yes, he ACTUALLY answers to that!) and his son Jon.  Of course I didn’t get any pictures of all of us, just managed to get this one of Natie going to town on some vegetable lo mein.  I tend to take lots of pictures for Rich & text them to him on Saturday’s so he feels like he’s still with us. 

When did my little boy get so big?

Afterwards we all went grocery shopping, which ended up being a good thing because the cart was filled with grapes, strawberries, lettuce, etc. instead of the ice cream, etc I’d normally get on vacation grocery shopping trips!  Bonus about going shopping after lunch…you’re too full to think about it!

Sunday was good – started out with a trip to Home Depot to pick up some plants for the front of the house.  Sadly, Rich & I consumed too many Twisted Teas that not much planting got done, but we did manage to set up & fill the pool I bought the day before for Natie.  Once he woke up from his nap we ate a quick lunch of Trader Joe’s Sweet Apple Sausage & Grandma Brown Beans and more Twisted Teas.  (Natie had water! 😉 ) 

We didn't have pools like this when we were kids, right?


It was a great day all around, until nightfall.  Natie was in bed, the in-laws shortly followed… I was talking to Rich & he was out of it – all over the place, I knew he wasn’t drunk, but acted very much like it.  The only other time this happened was when his sugar was low. (Rich is type 1 diabetic)  I kept asking him to check his sugar but he wouldn’t, kept getting defiant. So I ran in & asked his Mom & Dad to come out.  Finally I decided I would check it myself – it was 45.  Of course this was the one time we didn’t have orange juice in the house, so his Dad headed down to the local Stewart’s for some OJ.  In the meantime I loaded him up on expired glucose gels that my Dad had (I can’t believe I never threw them out!)  After a while we were able to get him stabilized & he was back in the normal range & asking 20 questions because he didn’t remember any of it.  Once we felt confident to go to bed we did.  It’s funny, but all day I kept thinking – I can’t wait to go to bed – I had the best night’s sleep the night before, comfy bed, nice temp with the AC, you name it…it was GREAT!  So, I’m in the master bath & Rich says ‘Can I turn out the light?”  For some reason I said, “wait until I get in & can turn on the TV”.  I get to the bed, turn down the covers to my side & SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER while running for the door.  All I could do was scream & keep kicking my feet, brushing off the air on my arms & legs.  Rich hopped out of bed & said “What? What? What? A spider? A mouse?”  I couldn’t talk – all I could do is scream & dance around like a spaz.  He kept asking me & then all I could say is “What do you think?”  He knew right away – Spider!  If anyone knows me they know I have a FEAR of spiders.  In the dictionary next to arachnophobia is my picture, in my public speaking class in college I did a speech on arachnophobia & got an A+ – I have it & have it BAD!  So, Rich decides to move the pillow – he jumps & said – “Holy crap, I have to kill it!  How?”  All I could do is run out the door.  All the lights were on in the house at this point.  I couldn’t be near anything – still screaming & jumping around like a nutcase.  Long story short – on my pillow was a big black spider the size of my hand!  MY HAND!!!  ON MY PILLOW!!!  WTH?!  Needless to say I didn’t enter that room anymore.  I/We slept in the living room with the lights & TV on all night.  I woke up all night long freaking out, wouldn’t even use a blanket feared something would be in there.  We’re heading up again in July – I have no freakin’ clue how that is going to work out.  I can’t imagine sleeping in there ever again.  Funny thing is Rich says I have “Spidey Sense”.  I can walk in a room & sense the spiders.  I just point for him to kill.   How the HELL did I not sense this one? (faint)

Now, onto my snack rave!  One day while dropping Natie off at daycare his teacher was telling me how much he loved the Apple Straws.  I asked what they were & then she let me sample them – YUMMY!  Rich & I came across them at BJ’s & one thing lead to another three bags appeared in our cart. 😛  But, it also happened to bring along its friend Veggie Straws too!  They’re both made by a company called Sensible Portions.  They’re all natural & insanely delicious.  A serving size is one ounce, which is 38 – THIRTY EIGHT straws!  That’s a lot!  I pointed them out & they’re only 3 pointsplus per serving – not bad at all!  Something that we all enjoy snacking on – can’t go wrong!

credit: Sensible Portionscredit: Sensible Portions

So tomorrow is WI – I’m not expecting much – except a gain.  I have to own the gains along with the losses.  This weekend coming up is a busy one, includes a 5k in the summer heat & humidity.  Here’s hoping I make it to the finish line!


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I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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