Your Account Has Been Cancelled….

That’s what I saw in my inbox this morning from Weight Watchers after cancelling my account with them.  (Of course a payment just went through on the 9th & they won’t refund the difference, so I’m stuck there until next month.)  I know what you’re thinking…she’s off her rocker, but really I feel so liberated!  I’m not sure what it is about WW, but it never seems to work for me.  I know plenty of people & have plenty of friends that kick butt on the plan – made lifetime & look fabulous, but for me it just doesn’t work.  I think because it’s not clear to me & I’m always questioning it.  If I don’t understand something I’m always going to be second guessing.  Why are there points?  Why “free” food?  Everything has calories & doesn’t weight loss really come down to calories in vs. calories out?  So yeah, it’s no doubt my fault, but I’m moving on!

I am kicking it “old school” and doing the calories in vs. calories out thing.  I signed up for & get this – I’m actually journaling!  Yeah – go figure!  I guess it’s something about seeing those numbers (calories!) in black & white – not just some “points” that makes it all seem real to me.  You know – it just makes it CLICK!  I’ve heard some people say the calorie targets given by MFP are low, but according to my nutritionist calorie range for me it’s on track.  Oh yeah – you caught that?  I’m seeing a nutritionist too!  I realized that I don’t know HOW to eat.  Even when I was knockout thin I ate badly.  Funny thing is I eat way better now than I did then & hello – what I’ve got going on is not cute.  My nutritionist started out asking a series of questions  – height, weight, 3 days estimate food intake aka food journal, family health history (that was a good read!), activity level, food allergies or sensitivities, medications, lab work, etc.

Once she received my information she sent me back an e-mail that touched base on the information I provided.  Keep in mind this is all before she has even received payment.

The two things that REALLY caught my eyes were these:

Regarding family history:

Being that there is colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease, in your family it is very important that you consume red meat NO more than 1 time per week and be sure that you DO consume both soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fiber aids in removing cholesterol naturally from the body (oatmeal, chic peas, lentils, skin of an apple) while insoluble fibers (green leafy vegetables) aid in promoting bowel regularity. Fiber in general aids in slowing the absorption of sugar so it helps keep blood sugar under control! 

Regarding your food diary: You seem to make many healthy food choices and appropriate portion sizes, your calories are on the lower end of what I have recommended which is ok. I only recommend going toward the higher end on exercise days. The area that falls a little short is your fiber intake. Being that you are at risk for Diabetes (family history and already having Gestational DM) it is important to consume more fiber. you should be consuming between 25-35 grams of fiber per day. Your  fiber intake falls short of what would help maintain your blood glucose within normal limits. 

Right here before we even continue I know I need to limit my red meat consumption (Which is good I usually shoot for turkey burgers, turkey tacos, turkey meatloaf before beef plus the only time I really enjoy beef is a good steak!)  I also know I need to up my fiber intake.  What’s funny about this is I LOVE beans.  You know those that are loaded in fiber, but because Weight Watchers had such high points on them I would tend to shy away.  Now I know I can include them more & that it is necessary.

It was great!  She reviewed the food I eat & had some questions.  We’ve been going back & forth in e-mail & she has been answering me quickly & efficiently. 

The next step she’ll be giving me some suggestions of foods I can purchase, as well as a meal plan, recipes, meals & snacks ideas and some nutritional information.  I’ll be meeting with her on the 22nd also.

I’m very excited & motivated.  I have squeezed in exercise where I normally would have made excuses.  For example this morning I got my butt out of bed, put on my workout clothes, loaded up a Roni’s Weigh podcast & went for a 2.9 mile walk.  Yeah, me…remember the one who couldn’t get up in the morning to go to the gym?  Also, since tonight is a night I’m “stuck at home” I’ll be either pulling out a workout DVD or go crazy with a Wii Fit workout.  Two workouts in one day?  That’s what the past few days have been like.

If you haven’t already please make a donation to support my 5k run/walk.

100% of the money I raise will be used by the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation to fund innovative research by today’s most brilliant young scientists, who are racing to find the causes and cures for all types of cancer.

I will be running in memory of my Mom who passed away from stage 4 colon cancer in 2001.

My teammate (The Pink Links) Lindsay will be running in honor of her Stepfather, Dino.

Please make a donation that supports my run/walk.

You can choose the amount you want to give – all donations are gratefully received!

Thank you for your support!


About Lori

I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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10 Responses to Your Account Has Been Cancelled….

  1. Sarah says:

    I think you are on the right track – and it is great you saw the nutritionist. Next thing we know you will be posting lots of vegan recipes 😉 Well, maybe not that crazy but since you like beans….there are so many tasty recipes out there! Good luck on it!

    • Lori says:

      Hey…you never know Sarah! I’ve got many bookmarked from your blog – I’m sure you’ll be seeing some reviews from me in the future!

  2. Lindsay B says:

    Wow Lori! This is a great step in a positive direction. I am really impressed that the nutritionist is already giving you advice w/out even meeting w/her yet! Oh and ya, props on exercising this morning, I wish I could say the same- lol

    • Lori says:

      She is fantastic! I actually just got another e-mail from her now in response to a few questions I had e-mailed her earlier today. She is great!
      Lindsay – you’re rocking that bootcamp class! Props to you! I can’t wait to join you!

  3. kp says:

    Wow this sounds awesome Lori! I am so excited for you! Cannot wait to keep hearing about your awesome progress!

    • Lori says:

      Thanks so much Kim! I can’t wait until you come back to work so we can incorporate our lunch time walks & talks. (Not to mention I miss you too!)

  4. Autumnrose says:

    You sound really motivated with the new plan. Lots of success with your new plan!

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