Back from vacation…

Wow…I feel like it’s been ages since I updated my blog & it’s only been 2 weeks.

All has been well with me.  I’m really enjoying my “new” journey & being PointsPlus free.  I’m finding myself viewing foods differently.  For example beans have always been a joy for me, but when I’d punch in the NI on e-tools I’d shy away because they just were too many points.  Now I focus on the benefits – specifically the fiber benefits they provide & I dig in.  I made a yummy fiberlicious bean salad yesterday for my lunches this week – I’ll have to share the recipe later when I get a chance.

I’ve been away on vacation this past week.  I had hopes & dreams of getting up early to continue my workout routine I’ve been in & finish the nights off with “Rip Runs”, but that didn’t happen.  I ended up getting sick the next day we were there.  Body aches & pains to where the couch was my BFF.  My meals consisted of the sodium filled Ramen noodle soup (Beef flavored :P) because that is all I craved.  Finally by day three I looked at the old tonsils in the mirror & saw signs of white patches forming.  If anyone knows me I get strep BAD.  I lost 12lbs during last Christmas because I couldn’t eat or drink for weeks.  So I somehow managed to call my insurance company to find out the best options to get to a doctor.  With a $200 ER co-pay I opted for an urgent care clinic where the copay was only $50, of course – I wondered where the hell was there an urgent care clinic in the boondocks?  Thankfully it wasn’t too far away (only 1/2 hour).  There was no wait, the place was beautiful & I was out with script in hand in no time.  Even supported the local pharmacy for my script.  I miss those places – where everyone knows your name….where they’d open up in the middle of the night so my Mom could get scripts for her screaming kids….remember those pharmacies?  Can you believe not more exist?  (sigh).  After 24 hours I was feeling better, but hey – it’s me so something had to go wrong, right?  Well, good old’ AF paid a visit.  Seriously – I guess because I was in my childhood home I had to have an AF visit from my teenage years….crippled over cramps plus more.  Somehow I managed to pick myself up & head to a bounce type place so Natie could have some fun before we left.  Mommy & Daddy were able to play too! 

LOL at the disclaimer on the company’s website:

Are parents allowed on the inflatables?
At JUMP! parents are allowed on the inflatables to assist the little ones. Many small children need a little help to fully enjoy our facility. Parents just need to remember that they are the parents and not the children. We ask that you use the utmost care when inside the inflatables as to not interfere with the other children.

I think they must have known we were coming – we had just as much fun – ok MORE fun than Natie on the giant inflatable slides, etc.  I somehow made buddies with a few of the other kids so I looked like the crazy lady playing with random people’s kids so I could go on the slides.  😀

What a great time….until the car ride home.  I found myself unable to walk without looking like I was 95 years old.  My back was KILLING me.  I’ve always had a bad back, scoliosis, seen a chiropractor my entire life, but Good Lord – going down a bouncy caused that!  I still laugh when my back twinges now days later!

By the time Saturday rolled around I was ready to go home and get back into a routine.  I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a Monday upon return from vacation with open arms.  (By the looks of this picture I think Natie was looking forward to getting back to school too!)


About Lori

I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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