Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte…

There’s a new fall time addiction in my world – Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider!

I was recently invited to a fun day of apple picking at Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm in Yorktown Heights followed by a great lunch at Peter Pratt’s Inn, also in Yorktown Heights.

In the invite I could also bring a guest.  It just so happened that this particular weekend Natie & I were heading upstate so instead of heading straight up, we met other bloggers for the day.  Thankfully, others brought their little ones too.

I was a bit worried the event would be cancelled due to the torrential downpours we had that morning, but thankfully it didn’t!  We gathered under a tent to stay dry, snuggled up under these cozy Green Mountain Naturals blankets and then were handed these great thermos filled Hot Apple Cider to warm up.  Oh and how can I forget Wilkens amazing apple cider donuts that are made right there on the farm. 



Once we were cozy we all listened to the rep from Green Mountain Naturals.  She filled us in on the info of the Hot Apple Cider & let us ask any questions we had.  For example – the Hot Apple Cider is made with REAL apples, NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  There is only 80 calories per serving too!  Another reason to say “peace out” to the ever popular Pumpkin Spice Lattes!


After that we all took a walk to the orchards for some apple picking fun!  Natie loved wearing his rain boots because he knows that gave him free reign to jump in the puddles!


Besides picking apples off the trees, there were these giant crates filled with delicious apples for our picking!



I was surprised by all the apples still on the trees for picking too!



Natie made a friend in Landon – the adorable son of Being Alison on the trip.  He just turned 3 & Natie turns three in a couple of weeks!



Look at all these apples!  The little guy couldn’t help himself…he just had to have one!


I really was amazed that this season the ever popular Pumpkin Spice Latte just didn’t cut it for me.  I’m the one who mourns the season change from fall to winter when PSL leave Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts.  I’ve bought them twice this season & could barely get through 1/3 of it – and that’s a small!  I used to live on these – Venti/Large size!  My addiction truly has been replaced by Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider.  I believe my change in eating habits & trying to live a healthier life for my family (& myself) brought on this change. 


FTC Disclaimer:  Green Mountain Naturals treated us to a day of fun & samples of the Hot Apple Cider K-Cups for a review post.  Thank you!


About Lori

I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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31 Responses to Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte…

  1. Sarah says:

    What fun!! Sounds like you two had a great time – and yay for metting more bloggers!

  2. Steve Kline says:

    Reminds me of apple picking at the Maryland School for the Blind when I was a kid. Amazing memories for me and I know they will be for Natie too. Got a real hankerin’ for some cider now too!

  3. Rachel Derry says:

    This looks like you guys had so much fun! You, although I haven’t had a DD PSL in a long time since my change in location, I haven’t been feeling the PSL from SB as much, either. Need to be in the mood for something OVERLY sweet (although I’d love an International Delights PS, so I can control the strength.) But, Go Girl!! Getting healthy and your tastes are changing with you! I applaud you and hope mine do the same soon!! 😉

  4. susan says:

    Green Mountain hot apple cider!
    A much healthier alternative to Latte…
    warming & good for you too, a win win!
    sounds like the day was “jolly good fun!”

  5. McDougs33 says:

    I love Green Mountain Apple Cider!! I just had one yesterday. Looks like you and Natie had a great time! Great pics!! Looks so beautiful. and OMG.. I love apple cider donuts!! I am not big on pumpkin spice coffees, but I can go for a good cup of cider hot or cold any day!!!

    • Lori says:

      OMG Traci – isn’t it fantastic?! I was surprised…I’m usually not an apple cider fan, but this stuff takes me to a happy place – HA!
      Natie & I had a blast! The rain made it even more fun too! I couldn’t resist putting him in those boots! 😀

  6. Denise says:

    Wow looks like a great trip! We love going apple picking every year and getting some fresh apple cider donuts, too! Yum! That Apple Cider sounds delicious! We’ll have to try it out!

  7. LB says:

    Looks like such a fun trip! I need to get some of that cider, sounds yummy!

  8. Tom says:

    We just took our family apple picking a few weeks ago out east. It was our first time eve. While we had a great time, I can’t help but to say from the pics that there plenty of “quality” apples around. This looks like a great get away with the family. Now that I’ve read this’d we have a couple packages of k-cups in the cabinet of this, the weather today is perfect for a cup.

    • Lori says:

      Next year we should all go together. Natie & I had a blast. Follow it up with lunch at Peter Pratt’s Inn…yummm!
      Seriously – pop that K-cup into the Keurig & get brewing – today is a perfect day for a hot apple cider. I’m going to brew another one this afternoon!

  9. Keri says:

    That sounds like so much fun! I almost picked up a box of those for my parents’ house the other day and I didn’t. I’ll have to go back and get some!

    • Lori says:

      Hey Keri! It was so much fun! Definitely go back & get some of the K-cups. I have to hit up BJ’s & stock up. Totally addicting!
      Good luck tonight on starting back up on the c25k. You can do it. Just take it easy & stop if you feel pain. Rest tomorrow too & get back to it on Wednesday.

  10. Sasha says:

    How many calories in that donut? That’s what I want! LOL I love apple cider, never had hot cider though. Weird, I know. Will have to give it a try. I’m so looking forward to doing something like this with Kairo. Apple picking with a toddler sounds like heaven. Natie is just adorable!

  11. biz319 says:

    Aw, that brings back such memories, Hannah and I went apple picking together for years. So fun! I’ll have to check out those k-cups – we have a machine at work!!


  12. Donna says:

    I love the pictures! Good thing the weather held out for you! The Green Mountain apple cider sounds so delicious we may have to plan a gtg and also have some of those yummy apple donuts as well! I really haven’t been enjoying the pumpkin spice lattes so I think you have me convinced to try some of this apple cider – YUM!

  13. Looks like you had an amazing day! What a cool event. Thank you for sharing a green mountain naturals hot apple cider k-cup with me. It was awesome! We just bought two boxes of the stuff for the house and the office. Yum yum yum and cannot beat the low calories for such a yummy treat on a fall day!

  14. Beth Tolfsen says:

    Just got a K maker and I saw those was wondering all about them now I am going to get them tomorrow 🙂 I hate pumpkin so apple here I come!
    Man I miss apple picking in NY in the fall it is always the best time of year!!!

  15. azad says:

    I always have apple cider cold, but now I will have to give these a try! Under 100 calories…what more can you ask for? Looked like such a perfect day for apple picking! Thank you for sharing all the pics :O)

    • Lori says:

      It was so much fun – the rain definitely added to the cool fall day! You’ll have to try the cider – like I told Donna – we can have a apple autumn celebration GTG at my house! 😀

  16. Brooke Ann says:

    Looks like you all had a great time! I will have to check out that apple cider! Sounds yummy!!

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