What will tomorrow bring…

I’ve pretty much had a poopie week.  What I had as my goals for this week didn’t really happen.  I was in a funk that I just couldn’t pull myself out of.  I think it was all AF related.  Damn witch!  Along with AF comes yet another month that we didn’t get pregnant.  It’s exhausting.  I’m so over it at this point.  We took a month off along the way so we wouldn’t “burn out”, but it’s happening anyway.  I’m approaching my 38th birthday in just two short months & it’s making things harder & harder.  At this point I have no interest in medical intervention.  We, well, probably more I believe that if God wants me to have another baby…it’ll happen.  I have the world’s most amazing little boy ever who truly brings me so much joy…I AM BLESSED!

My blessing from above...

My blessing from above…

Things are looking up though.  Something really great happened today in our personal life that has been needed.  Still a long way from what we’d like but a BIG step in the right direction!  Sometimes that’s all it takes…just one thing to go in the right direction – and then the rest will follow!

So, whatever tomorrow may bring, I have to keep my head held high & know if there is a gain, it’s Ok.  This is a life long journey that I’m not stopping.  I’m not letting anything get in my way!


About Lori

I'm a 39 year old Mom to a wonderful little boy - who lights up my life. I'm happily married to boot! Currently working on getting my health, which includes my weight in order. I'm hoping this blog will be a tool in my journey.
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6 Responses to What will tomorrow bring…

  1. biz319 says:

    Hang in there Lori! Sending hugs your way. I have known several couples who have decided to give up on trying for a baby, and once they take the pressure off – they get pregnant! One friend from high school adopted their baby, and a month later got pregnant with twins – now they have three 13 year old boys – 10 months apart in age!

  2. Things are definitely looking up! Glad all went well today! Many prayers for another gorgeous baby for the E family.

  3. Many hugs to you! You are certainly blessed…just look at that face ❤

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